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I harbour a passion for storing images and have been using a camera for over 50 years.

From a tiny spy camera up to a 5x4" plate version I have played with them all.

I now use digital Nikon D3x but still have D2x's, D1x and D1 in my home studio which is available for public hire.

On the occasional holiday I now use a Canon G9, a pocket Sony or even my Galaxy smart-phone.



Myk is a physicist who has been taking photographs since 1952. He has an interest in photography which could be described as obsessive and has spent time learning about the technical aspects of digital photography.

He has chased around the world taking pictures of wildlife and visited many of the common destinations - Africa, America, Australia, Bolivia, Borneo,Canada Chile, Ecuador, Europe,Galapagos, India, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Seychelles, Skokholm, Sri Lanka. In ‘97 visited the Arctic Circle to photograph woodpeckers.

In ‘99 he lived with an un-photographed jungle tribe in India (the Baigas) to document their lifestyle and has exhibited the results at several venues. A book about the tribe used his pictures as documentary illustrations.
A further coffee table book of his tribal pictures was printed in 2007.

He was President of Oswestry Photographic Society and is a Licentate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Myk spent a year photographing smoke with his students

He has had a lot of commercial work published and you can find many of his pictures on the Internet.

His pictures have been exhibited and sold locally in both personal shows and with art groups.

I enjoy helping others with their photography. Having trained as a physicist, an electronics engineer, latterly in photography and then image manipulation, the digital age is no mystery.

For 7 years he ran the BAKERY Photo Studios, but now shoots mainly art work in his home studio which is available to rent.

His other main occupation is designing and building websites for local artists and professionals.