I ordered my Nikon D1x from Grays of Westminster and it arrived on Jun 7th 2001

Body only, it came with Nikon View 1.4 and little else.

I love my D1, it's CCD is filthy and I still don't use film anymore.
As for the D1x - I am very pleased

Grays had refused to give a delivery date last week and then it suddenly appeared - must be one of the very first proper production units in the UK, they only had the one and I was top of their list because I booked it as soon as I got a model number - NOT cheap of course !

The thing that matters is image quality and this new box is clearly better. The old one needed a lot of getting used to - almost re-learning to take pictures because one is fighting the resolution battle all the time

I found on large group shots, pulling granny's face out was a bit tricky. The new test images (I only took a few so far) are really better

There are some on my ftp site already for Eric the Bibble guy, but you can't read the new .nefs without view4 or capture2

The camera is easier to use because it uses words not numbers for custom settings and I love the ability to zoom on the LCD display

A lot of details are better, like the semi see-through LCD cover

In the end images are what it is all about and from what I have taken so far I am impressed - somehow even the LCD version of the pic is better

I took a landscape outside work yesterday and when you zoom in on PhotoShop the pic just seems to go on for ever before the pixels appear

I have made no effort to fiddle the WB or colour space yet and the pictures just look right on the PC screen !

I am off to shoot Orangs in Borneo, so will be out of circulation for a bit on a trip to Australia

Just really chuffed the D1x turned up a few days before. Someone up there is smiling on me for a change ....