Casting Sessions

We are always looking for fresh faces

Even if you have never modelled before and feel that you might like to have a go, we will take test pictures during one of our casting sessions - fill in our form

If noone is waiting to be shot, we normally provide at least one A4 print chosen by the model from the session

We have moved to a new studio at the BAKERY

Casting guide for photo models

This guide has been prepared to introduce both new and experienced models to casting sessions. We take photographs for both business and pleasure. We have a lot of specialised equipment and can photograph almost anything.

Most of our portrait sessions are for the mutual benefit of the model and photographer. Castings are used to select models for later shoots. Most of our amateur models are female, but we are delighted to photograph any interested person who shows potential to produce good work.

If you are happy to attend a casting BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY under our photographers direction, the session is free.

If you make an appointment and cannot come along - please let us know as soon as possible, at the last session FOUR would-be models booked and didn't turn up, and didn't let us know !

Before the session
Select clothes in which you feel that you look your best. These can be Vogue and/or very casual if that's how you are! You are more likely to be chosen if you are unlike the other models. Make sure your clothes are spotlessly clean and pressed properly if required. Nail polish if worn should be freshly done before arrival at the studio. Makeup for our castings should be as you would be for a Saturday night out - if you do wild modern make-up - risk it ! Your hair should be freshly washed, ready to shoot - also bring what ever you need to fix it. Any jewellery should work with whatever you are wearing. If you ever wear a hat, bring it. If your hobby allows, bring a simple prop to hold eg violin, teddy bear etc.

How to find us
We have now moved to a new studio at the BAKERY

On arrival
The studio is a completely non-smoking area but coffee and tea are always on the go. If you wear contact lenses they will have to come out for the actual picture taking. We'll shoot you holding a card with your name on it - so we get everyone correctly identified.

The session
Normally we take less than an hour, but it will depend on how many models attend. You will be expected to sit in our `light tunnel' for a number of portrait shots and then pose standing for some full length pictures. There will be at least 2 photographers and other models around. All the pictures will be taken with a professional flash system in a dimmed studio.

Casting pictures will be digital and viewable immediately after being taken.

Photographic studios are filled with expensive and potentially dangerous equipment. It is important that all visitors treat the working environment as a place to move around carefully and to be aware that some items are hot and may be moving. In addition some set-ups may be balanced and a small push can be disastrous.

If you are interested then send in our form or email us