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ABOUT - the 100ft long photo taken by Myk Briggs who lives in Pant

I bought my first digital camera in the late nineties - a fixed lens Kodak with 1.3 megapixels - and became enchanted with the possibilities.

One of my earliest thoughts was stitching pictures together because the digital image could be any size and did not have the limitations associated with film.

It seemed such a fun idea to produce a digital image which looked like a piece of film. It has taken ten years or so for technology to reach the point where I can convert nearly fifty 25Mbyte images into a very long picture simulating a piece of 35mm film.

In January 2011 I discussed the project with the Willow Gallery in Oswestry who agreed to hang it during the BVA Open Studios event and then spent 4 months collecting nearly 100 date plaques. I then selected the ones which were the most varied.

After much walking around Oswestry and manipulation in PhotoShop I finally compiled 48 images into the 2Gb file.

The piece was a nightmare to print - thanks to George at Replicolour for efforts beyond the call of duty.

The installation can be viewed at Oswestry Library after 14th July 2011.
Sample picture