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My ear trumpet collection and blog

This little website is my place to tell you about an old fart who still knows he has much to offer to his fellow man.

My interests and activities are either described here or are on other linked sites.

I have travelled all over the world and now spend most of my time taking photographs and writing websites.

Perhaps unusually I collect ear-trumpets.

I am an active member of the BVA a local arts group

  My work - photography & website authoring
  A very early realisation that a camera was the only effective way for me to make acceptable thought-provoking images has lead to a life time of photography.

People and portraiture are always a fascination, but I now prefer my pictures to be wanted and hung on somebody's wall.

My work is created purely for the indulgence of the viewer and hopefully they become an owner too.

Please also look at my photography resume and the page on websites
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